Frequently Asked Questions

Why Am I Being Asked To Make Contributions For Gospel Television I’ve Enjoyed For Free For Years?

The original gospel show was totally funded by the TV station that produced it.  That particular station paid for the cost of all of the show’s overhead such as producers, managers, cameramen, soundtechs, graphics, audio personnel, props, cameras, closed captions, lighting, switchboards, facility use and the list goes on.


Gospel Awakening has been birthed out of the old gospel television show as a succession due to the canceling of the original 1942 show.  Gospel Awakening will be standing on its own, depending solely on the financial support from its viewers to produce the same quality show as the previous station, in addition, it will have twice the coverage as it will be aired on two major “Full-Powered” television stations in North Carolina.


What Do I Get For My Financial Contributions?

As a talent or guest on the show, you’ll be exposed nearly totally statewide!  In addition, with today’s convenient multimedia resources worldwide access is also achievable.  You’ll also receive a professionally produced video that you can use to promote your ministering career.  The record is yours to use as like without restrictions from Gospel Awakening.


As a general viewer contributing to the show, you’ll be supporting the gospel television that we’ve all been enjoying since 1942.


Will My Name or Business Name Be Shown As A Credit On The Show?

It would be impossible to show every individual name of every entity who makes a contribution to Gospel Awakening; However, businesses or individuals who choose to produce 30 second commercials on the show will receive that moment as an official time on the show.


A business or a person may choose to trade their contributions in for commercial time.  In this case, the contributor must bring in their pre-produced commercial ready to be aired.  Gospel Awakening does not produce commercials.


What Is The Difference In Being A Sponsor and a Contributor:

There is no difference.  Anyone who gives to the show is both a sponsor and a contributor the difference is only in how you want your contributions applied as previously listed.

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