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Gospel Awakening is a faith-based television program committed to entertain, inspire, and share the life-changing message of Jesus Christ and His love. Our holistic approach to acknowledge social, emotional and spiritual needs of our viewers is through musical video performances and exclusive interviews with gospel artists, groups and choirs locally, nationally, and internationally sharing the message that Jesus saves, heals and set captives free.

Gospel Awakening is North Carolina’s Gospel Hub bringing primetime joyful entertainment every Sunday morning on “ABC Localish” WTVD-11.2 and “NBC My-TV” WITN-7.2. To find more channels, go to “About Us” and click “channels.”

Mission Statement:

To communicate a sense of awe and wonder of God’s amazing love and spread the gospel of Jesus Christ through songs that encourage believers, restore the fallen and redeem the lost and to produce an inspirational program that expands worldwide and serve international communities

Value Statement

Gospel Awakening believes that integrity and accountability are the guiding principles that govern our decisions in selecting and creatively producing a show where the outcome is positive, inspiring, and authentic.

Vision Statement

To become the leading christian television program across various networks and become the face of social media that preserves the legacy of gospel music TV and its message.

To build a sustainable broadcast and social media platform in partnership with stakeholders who support our mission, vision and strategies


To establish an effective media platform that engages positive dialogue and reflects diversified culture, musical talents and performances globally

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